Posted November 23, 2017.

If you would like to know how sealants are applied to your teeth, we will explain the process here. It is a harmless, easy process.


First, the dentist, Dr. German G. Jaquez, will clean the tooth or teeth he is about to treat. For the next step, he will dry the tooth or teeth in preparation for an acidic gel.


The gel is not strong enough to cause damage to your teeth, nor should you feel discomfort. What it does is make the surface of the teeth a little rougher so the sealant will have more grip on the teeth. Dr. German G. Jaquez then washes the gel off and dries the teeth again.


This is when the sealant is put on. The sealant is a very thin, transparent layer of a plastic plus other materials. It is then hardened in place by shining a blue light over it.


This process does not last more than a few minutes. You should be able to go about life normally, as you will not see the sealant, and it will not feel different to the touch.


The seal is fairly durable, so you can eat normally without rubbing it off too fast. As long as you do not use your teeth for tasks like opening a bag, you can make the seal last about a decade. If it does wear off fast, Dr. German G. Jaquez can replace it just as easily.


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