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“Great experience with EccoDental so far. I just started with invisalign and they’ve made everything very smooth and accommodating so far. Considered two other dental providers but one was about $1000 more expensive and the other offered very poor customer service. Joseph, Arianna, and Amber at EccoDental are all super friendly and helpful. So far I’ve been attended to very quickly and haven’t had to wait for anything. Dr. Jaquez seems very knowledgable and very personable. I would highly recommend EccoDental to anyone considering invisalign.”
– Dan M.

“I went to Eccodental about 18 months ago, I called them because the prior dentist I went to didn’t care what was wrong with me. I had periodontist disease. She told me there is nothing that she cold do. Dr. Jaquez and Amber and the rest of the staff cared. They said that they would do there best to save as many of my teeth as possible. Well after deep cleanings and more deep cleanings I’m happy to say I may not loose any teeth at all. They also did a procedure on a little growth on my lip again no other dentist or doctor ever cared. Thanks for all you do for me and my family.”
– Rick W.

“I highly recommend this dental practice. The staff is amazing, extremely professional and courteous. The atmosphere is very family oriented, clean and welcoming. Everyone always greets you with the smile everyone dreams they had and they will ensure your smile is the same. Dr. Jaquez and his wife are wonderful and truly care about their patients. I personally elected to have the invisiline braces and I couldn’t be more happy. I have also referred multiple families who can all attest that Ecco Dental is above reproach in customer service and satisfaction!”
– Fidel R.

“I have 64 years at this age are few original pieces and have a beautiful and healthy smile can only be achieved if you have a Dr. who loves you as family and Dr. Jaquez is who can supply you / is wonderful I watched him grow. and I am amazed to his professional achievements and personales.visitalo and stay smiling”
– Mercedes P.

“I am very pleased with the dental work performed at Ecco Dental. Everyone is very friendly and courteous. I love the service and clean facility. This will be our new family dentist.”
– Patty

“The staff is friendly and conforting. They always work around my schedule. Very happy with the work.”
– Edwin A.

“Great dentist and the hottest assistant ever. Beautiful office and Took great care of me.”
– Craig P.

“It’s been one year now that I have been a client , I love dr Jacquez and Digna the owner is friendly and always provides excellent customer service . I recommend Thai location because of how clean it is and the new equipment that they have . It’s been in business for 2 years now . Ariana the office manager is great also . Very friendly and sweet .”
– Claudia Y.

“Sooooo impressed with this dentist office! It’s very clean and the staff are so very nice.
My digital X-rays were taken right from the comfort of the dental chair. I was offered something to drink more than once.

The exam given by the friendly dentist was thorough. I felt he was very honest concerning my needs and what was best, which is the MOST IMPORTANT trait in a dentist that I look for (and that’s because I’ve been to a few dishonest dentists in the past, only want to make $$ on unnecessary procedures).

I was explained in detail the benefits my insurance provided by the sweet office manager. They have flexible payment plans as well.

Another things that impressed me was the fact that every dental procedure you could ever need if performed right there.. no need to go elsewhere or get referrals!

Joseph was so courteous on the phone and in person.
I’m so happy I found this place!”
– Pokey J.

“Staff and Dr. Where great! Didn’t have to wait hours like most dental offices wich is a big plus for me because i seriously hate waiting my whole day at the Dr’s … I love the office very clean and cozy and ecco friendly!”
– Maria M.

“It’s an amazing dental clinic!!! Probably the BEST service iv ever had. The doctors were professional, nice and got things done efficiently! Christina and Amber were the two doctors I saw. They were both very nice, patient and delightful and made my experience of X-Ray and Cleaning surprisingly comfortable. The price was reasonable, too. I got a regular check, X-ray and regular cleaning with 44 dollars only! Staff there created a really friendly and cozy environment for me. Doctors and staff talked to me about my teeth problems honestly, not trying to push me to spend a big amount of money. Seeing a dentist used to be a nightmare for me, the pain and the bill always scared me. But this one made me want to come back again! I’m very grateful! These people deserve a FIVE STAR!”
– Kaiyan Y.

“Wow!! Looking for a good dentistry? This is the place. Not only is the work he does top notch, but every person I’ve come across there is genuinely friendly and nice. Emphasis on genuine. Rarely, these days, do you get good, friendly service that’s real. You’ll get it here which helps ease someone like me who generally dreads a visit to the dentist. The work that he does is icing on the cake. When you need some work done, you won’t regret coming here.”
– Joe L.