Eco-Friendly Dentistry

Leading the Way at EccoDental

Eco Friendly Dentistry

Innovative Dentistry with a Green Heart

At EccoDental, we are proud to be the first LEED-certified eco-friendly dental office in California. Our dentist and team are dedicated to providing the best possible care with a wide variety of services while maintaining our commitment to green standards for a better environment today – and for future generations.

Eco-Friendly Dentistry

What does it mean when we say we are “Green”?

We strive to maintain green standards that result in great care for our patients while protecting the environment. Our green measures include:

We also took several steps during the construction process of our new office to ensure an eco-friendly facility and building process. These steps included:

At EccoDental, we are committed to demonstrating excellence when delivering dental care and patient service while utilizing the latest advancements in pain free technology and techniques, in a caring and relaxing setting for our entire community, and we work to promote the wellbeing of the future generations yet to come. Join us by calling our office in Glendora, California, at 626 771 0064 today!

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